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     A general guide for Romanian Astronomical Journal can be found here.

    Notices to Authors

    Romanian Astronomical Journal is a peer-review journal and appears twice a year in a continue printed series from 1991. Starting with 2012, all articles appear integral also on-line. Starting with 2015, it exists the third issue that appears only on-line, since the first two issues, published also in printed version, have a limited number of pages. 

    The manuscripts should be relevant to the scientific areas indicated in Aims and Scope.

    Manuscripts should be submitted in proper and correct English. Exceptionally, some manuscripts may be accepted in French.

    The manuscripts must be edited using the RoAJ LaTeX style and in camera ready form. Special attention also concerns the RoAJ style for references. Non-compliant articles are rejected.

    We consider to  revise only the manuscripts submitted with latex file prepared in the RoAJ style and images too, not only pdf files. We reject the non-compliant articles. The manuscripts (pdf, latex and figures files) should be submitted to

    You can download the roajstyle package from

    Please, always take the last version. You can use the file template.tex as starting file.

    For latex editors you can download the free soft :



    The reference style of RoAJ use author-year style and the alphabetical order.
    Please use the  mynatbib package, included in the RoAJ files, package derived from  natbib.

    Please, use these definitions for the journal names and for operators. There are included in the roajarticle.cls file.





    ISSN (print) 1220-5168                                                            ISSN (online) 2285-3758 /2012